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SUMMARY: When Alpha female Galina Sudenko agreed to attend her distant cousin’s birthday party, she wasn’t counting on meeting the devastatingly handsome and powerful Rom Alpha, Andrey Lupesco, or having her sexy times with him interrupted by the murder of her idiot brother-in-law, Sergei. But such is life when your father is one of the most powerful werewolves within Seattle’s supernatural Russian organized crime syndicate.

Not content with being just a pretty face and good breeding stock, Galina sets out to make her mark within the family. But in doing so, she runs afoul of her eldest brother, Alexei, the heir apparent to the family dynasty. He has no intention of ceding his position without a fight.

Andrey and Galina’s burgeoning romance is threatened when she discovers that before his death, Irina’s husband, Sergei, hijacked Andrey’s shipment of the werewolf drug, Bullet, a synthetic drug that gives the supernatural creatures a cocaine-like high.  Sergei’s theft means that Andrey had a reason to have Sergei killed, leaving Galina to decide whether to risk trusting Andrey even as her feelings for him deepen.

As her brother Alexei’s behavior becomes more erratic, Galina must find the missing shipment, prove to her family that she’ll be a capable leader, and decide whether her lover Andrey can be trusted before she can hope to challenge her brother for his position as head of the family.

A tale full of sexy werewolves, forbidden love, family power struggles, and danger closing in, Gia Corona and Jacey Conrad’s From Russia With Claws will leave you howling for more!

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Remy Billodeaux is the king of his kitchen, master of all he surveys. He is accustomed to praise and accolades, to female patrons lining up to be his “flavor of the evening.” He was not accustomed to celebrity chefs, food critics and wannabe chefs intruding on his kingdom. And Sabine Devereaux is just the cherry on the sundae of a bad night. She can’t be intimidated. She can’t be outsmarted or outcooked. And she’s not falling for his usual flirty tricks.

Sabine is thrilled for the chance to shadow chef Remy, but she’s not pleased that her father used his position as an investor in Facile to arrange this favor for her. Remy pushes her to the limits of her skill and patience, but there’s no denying the heat they generate in the kitchen together. Will she resist Remy’s skills or throw herself from the fire and into the frying pan?

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Publicist EJ Lasher is not thrilled to hear that her ex-boyfriend, celebrity chef Morgan Jeffries, is visiting Facile, the latest restaurant she’s promoting. She and Morgan did not leave things on a good note – well, technically, she left the note is his knife case and he didn’t notice it for weeks. And she doesn’t look forward to facing Morgan’s famous, profanity-driven temper when he realizes she works for Facile.

Morgan Jeffries made a name for himself with his runaway mouth and talent in the kitchen. Pressured into visiting Facile by his network, he is astonished to find that his hostess for the evening is EJ, known to him as his former girlfriend, “Lizzie.” The sweet girl he once knew has been replaced by some cold, business-like, glamazon. As two old flames meet in Remy Billodeaux’s steaming kitchen, EJ is about to put the “ex” in sex.

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Kate Ravineux expected her romantic dinner at Facile to end in a proposal from her boyfriend, Scott. She did not expect to open that sacred little blue box to find a keychain. A keychain. Stinging from the realization that her boyfriend considers her a “fixer upper” only worthy of co-habitation he has to hide from his mama, Kate ditches Scott at the table and makes a run for the elevator.

Damon Blake has been watching Kate’s date from hell all night from his perch at Facile’s bar. And while Scott’s obliviousness to Kate’s curvy beauty pisses him off, it also gives him an opening to pluck Kate up like the ripest, fruit from the vine. Damon invites her to his rooftop for a nightcap and some smoking hot revenge sex. The best to get over a guy is to get under another, and in front of him… and on top of him… and bent over his his knees…

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All Jason Parker wanted was to do was throw a nice anniversary dinner for his parents at Facile, just one nice dinner that his parents don’t end up planning, cooking or funding. It’s too bad that his family seems hell-bent on ruining it. Between his older brother stealing credit for the planning, his uncle stealing the silverware and his sister’ stealing everyone’s joy, it’s enough to send Jason running for the comfort of Facile’s bourbon supply.

The only thing keeping him sane in this quagmire of dysfunction is the table’s waitress, Gen Ferrar, who is handling his family circus like a ringmaster. Short, sassy and shrewd, Gen knows how to handle all sorts of problem diners – the cheapskates, the grabby drunks, the bitter pills. She’s just never had so many of those types at one table. Watching Jason, genuinely nice guy just trying to do something considerate, putting up with ten kinds of rudeness from his relatives makes her even more determined to make this dinner perfect. She will do whatever it takes, even if it means providing a very special brand of stress relief when his temper threatens to boil over.

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Delia Montgomery is on the worst date in history of dates. The charming, funny version of “Chip” that she met online was an internet mirage, dissolving to leave her with an over-coiffed, raging douche canoe. Chip seems to be following some sort of handbook entitled, “How To Make Your Date Want To Stab You In The Face in Three Easy Steps.” Between the back-handed compliments and “helpful suggestions,” Delia is seriously considering tunneling her way through the floor of Facile with a shrimp fork.

Enter their waiter Byron, who is immediately smitten with the gorgeous victim of an internet date gone awry. Byron is a smooth, well-mannered counterpoint to dating dud Chip, who does not appreciate witnessing the instant chemistry between his date and the server he has no plans to tip. When the date implodes, Bryon is there to provide the special sort of service Delia needs to recover.

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Lee Broussard is just a nice guy doing a favor for a friend – delivering a gift to an anniversary dinner at Facile – and ends up seeing his girlfriend sucking chocolate mousse off some strange guy’s finger. Shocked speechless and on the verge of dismantling the classy dining room with his bare hands, Lee is distracted by lovely seating hostess Abby DuLane, who yanks him into the nearest closet.

Petite and sharp-tongued, Abby runs her hostess station like a tiny country, of which she is queen. And she is not about to let a perfect specimen like Lee suffer the indignity of a public cheating-fueled meltdown. Groping a customer in front of his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend falls within her job description, right?


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Facile’s chief pastry chef Lydia Conner has watched the jerk at Table Seventeen run her fellow kitchen staffers ragged all night with his special requests and substitutions. But she knows she can sweeten his sour mood with one of her legendary desserts. No man alive can resist her special flourless chocolate cake…. Except for the jerk at Table Seventeen.

Mark Ferrell just wants this godforsaken evening in the armpit of the South to be over. But his partners are drawing out this client dinner as if they are being paid by the course. Still recovering from a relationship with a vigilante vegan, Mark’s afraid Facile’s rich food might actually kill him. To compound his misery, he gets a visit from the enraged, sizzling-hot pastry chef whose work he’s just rejected. Mark is about to get a chocolate-dipped lesson in what it means to indulge.

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Facile’s manager, Xavier Blackwell, has reputation for being ruthless, smart and savvy with the ladies. While the first two descriptors are correct, the third portion of his reputation is not exactly accurate. While the posh London accent and prowling persona have garnered him many a lady’s attention, for Xavier, there’s only been one woman, one woman who seeped into his soul and left her mark on his heart. And she chose tonight, one of the most hectic, disastrous nights in Facile’s history, to visit his restaurant.

Food critic Lakshmi Krishnamurthy remembers her all-too-brief time with Xavier fondly. She means her visit to Facile to be a nostalgic stroll down memory lane. But due to miscommunications between nearly every member of the restaurant’s staff, it has become more of a culinary death march. Will Lakshmi take pity on the scrambling manager and invite him to her hotel room for a bit of room service?

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Tess thought her day had hit rock bottom when she came home to find her best friend riding her boyfriend like a bronco in the skank rodeo. And then she arrived for her shift at Facile to find that she would be waiting tables in the same section as gorgeous, conceited Colt.

Colt, who considered himself God’s gift to the sighted. Colt, who honestly seemed to think that diners came to Facile for him, and not the delicious food. Colt, who seemed to be under the impression that just because the managing partners took special “breaks” to spend private time with ladies who visited Facile, he was allowed to do the same.

Tessa really hated Colt. But the vodka she was sneaking throughout her shift was making him a lot more tolerable. Nothing cleanses the soul of the broken-hearted like a little drunken hate sex with a man who is as pretty as he is unlikely to call.

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Served. Vol. 1 and Vol. 2


All of our FACILE stories in two yummy volumes!

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