Our first Amazon Review for FROM RUSSIA WITH CLAWS – 5 Stars!


FROM RUSSIA WITH CLAW’s first review on Amazon is a doozy!

Five Stars from Rabid Reads

“The story delivered way more than I’d bargained for with its romantic entanglements, crime syndicate style subterfuge, and family double-crosses… It was the plot that gave this title a leg up on the Paranormal Romance genre, and just on book 1’s in general. I liked the idea of Russian werewolf mafia, and thought that the authors intertwined all three elements to perfection. The point that I am trying to make is that FROM RUSSIA WITH CLAWS is the whole package; the Sudenko’s are a fantastic cast, the HEA provided immediate bliss, and the prospect that additional installments may be in the works is gravy.

FROM RUSSIA WITH CLAWS was Gia Corona & Jacey Conrad’s first full length team effort, and I’m definitely hoping that it won’t be their last.”

Thank you, Rabid Reads!

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