GRILLED is now available!



GRILLED, the fifth installment in the FACILE RESTAURANT SERIES, is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and iBooks.

Delia Montgomery is on the worst date in history of dates. The charming, funny version of “Chip” that she met online was an internet mirage, dissolving to leave her with an over-coiffed, raging douche canoe. Chip seems to be following some sort of handbook entitled, “How To Make Your Date Want To Stab You In The Face in Three Easy Steps.” Between the back-handed compliments and “helpful suggestions,” Delia is seriously considering tunneling her way through the floor of Facile with a shrimp fork.

Enter their waiter Byron, who is immediately smitten with the gorgeous victim of an internet date gone awry. Byron is a smooth, well-mannered counterpoint to dating dud Chip, who does not appreciate witnessing the instant chemistry between his date and the server he has no plans to tip. When the date implodes, Bryon is there to provide the special sort of service Delia needs to recover.

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