BOILED is now available!



The fourth installment in the Facile Restaurant Series, BOILED, is now available!

All Jason Parker wanted to do was throw a nice anniversary dinner for his parents at Facile, just one nice dinner that his parents don’t end up planning, cooking, or funding. It’s too bad that his family seems hell-bent on ruining it. Between his older brother stealing credit for the entire enterprise, his uncle stealing the silverware and his sister stealing everyone’s joy, it’s enough to send Jason running for the comfort of Facile’s bourbon supply.

The only thing keeping him sane in this quagmire of dysfunction is the table’s waitress, Gen Ferrar, who is handling his family circus like a ringmaster. Short, sassy, and shrewd, Gen knows how to handle all sorts of problem diners – the cheapskates, the grabby drunks, the bitter pills. She’s just never had so many of those types at one table. Watching Jason, a genuinely nice guy just trying to do something considerate, putting up with ten kinds of rudeness from his relatives makes her even more determined to make this dinner perfect. She will do whatever it takes, even if it means providing a very special brand of stress relief when his temper threatens to boil over.

BOILED is available at Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Amazon and Smashwords for 99 cents.

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