POACHED is now available!



POACHED is now available on Smashwords, AmazonBarnes & Noble and iBooks. POACHED is the next installment of ten erotic romance short stories by Jacey Conrad and Gia Corona. The series focuses on the love lives of members of the Facile restaurant staff, each story centering around a different couple.

Kate Ravineux expected her romantic dinner at Facile to end in a proposal from her boyfriend, Scott. She did not expect to open that sacred little blue box to find a keychain. A keychain. Stinging from the realization that her boyfriend considers her a “fixer upper” only worthy of co-habitation he has to hide from his mama, Kate ditches Scott at the table and makes a run for the elevator. Damon Blake has been watching Kate’s date from hell all night from his perch at Facile’s bar. And while Scott’s obliviousness to Kate’s curvy beauty pisses him off, it also gives him an opening to pluck Kate up like the ripest fruit from the vine. Damon invites her to his rooftop for a nightcap and some smoking hot revenge sex. The best way to get over a guy is to get under another, and in front of him… and on top of him… and bent over his knees… The fourth installment in the series, BOILED will be available soon!

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