SEARED is now available!



Gia and Jacey are proud to announce the release of SEARED, the first title of their 10-part, FACILE RESTAURANT SERIES of erotic romance short stories. In the series, Conrad and Corona explore the steamy scandals of New Orleans’s hottest kitchen. Each story features a new pairing and setting over the course of one insanely complicated dining service at Facile, a newly opened French Quarter eatery.

SEARED centers on Chef Remy Billodeaux, who just wants to run his kitchen, his way. Unfortunately, he has partners and investors, one of whom insists on sending his daughter, Sabine, an aspiring chef, to observe the way a kitchen works. Despite his reputation for scandalous “smoking breaks” with customers, even Remy knows better than to hook up with an investor’s baby girl.

Sabine is a woman who knows what she wants and being indentured to a brilliant but maniacal, egocentric chef isn’t it. When dinner service threatens to crash and burn–with a celebrity chef in attendance–Sabine decides to pitch in to help the restaurant. Will Sabine or Remy be able to stand the heat of Facile’s kitchen?

The first installment in the ebook series will be available for FREE from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Smashwords starting in December.

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