BURNED is now available!



BURNED, the second story in Conrad and Corona’s FACILE RESTAURANT series of ebook shorts, is now available on Amazon,  SmashwordsiBooks, and Barnes & Noble. Burned is the next installment of ten erotic romance short stories by Jacey Conrad and Gia Corona. The series focuses on the love lives of members of the Facile restaurant staff, each story centering around a different couple. Publicist EJ Lasher is not thrilled to hear that her ex-boyfriend, celebrity chef Morgan Jeffries, is visiting Facile, the latest restaurant she’s promoting. She and Morgan did not leave things on a good note – well, technically, she left the note on his knife case and he didn’t notice it for weeks. And she doesn’t look forward to facing Morgan’s famous, profanity-driven temper when he realizes she works for Facile. Morgan Jeffries made a name for himself with his runaway mouth and talent in the kitchen. Pressured into visiting Facile by his network, he is astonished to find that his hostess for the evening is EJ, known to him as his former girlfriend, “Lizzie.” The sweet girl he once knew has been replaced by some cold, business-like, glamazon. As two old flames meet in Remy Billodeaux’s steaming kitchen, EJ is about to put the “ex” in sex. While SEARED, the first installment is permanently FREE, each following installment is 99 cents.

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